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Entry Tip, Formatting Suggestions and Category Insights

Digital Entry Format

Digital entries must be submitted on a disc and mailed with the Transmittal Form and entry fees.

If you have already submitted a digital entry into another competition, Chrysalis will accept your entry in that format without changes required.

Organize your entry into three folders.
Text:                          Maximum 3 pages (pdf or Word document)
Before Images:          Maximum 10 images
After Images:             Maximum 10 images
Images and files should be labeled to identify the content. Individual images must not exceed 10Mb.

Binder Format

Chrysalis does not disqualify entries due to format, but for those of you who would like a suggestion about how to present your materials, here is one idea.

After the cover page, insert a large format photo of the best “after” shot on the first right-hand page, just to lead off with a “wow” photo.

After that, insert the pages with your text about the project. The text should be as concise as possible to be sure the judges will read it all.

After the text, begin your “before” and “after” photos. If the photos are large, put the “before” on the left page and the corresponding “after” on the right. If they are smaller format, put the “before” on the left side of the page and the “after” on the right. If you’re going vertical, put the “after” on top and the “before” on the bottom.

If you are including floorplans (which is always a good idea), put them at the end of the entry.

Keep the number of photos reasonable. If you’re addressing multiple rooms in an entry, focus the photography on the most dramatic rooms. “During construction” photos are not necessary unless they display a significant challenge that was overcome. “Before” photos serve to help the judges understand the scope of the project, but you are not required to have one “before” for every “after”.
1. Kitchen Remodel:
Understand that the kitchen is all the judges will look at. While other rooms adjacent to the kitchen may be in the photos, the kitchen itself is what matters.
2. Bath Remodel:
This is a straightforward category. Our only format suggestion would be to have your photography show as much of the room as possible in as few shots as possible. Small rooms are tough to photograph due to size and lighting issues, so consider this as you put your entry together.
3. Addition:
Additions can be either horizontal add-ons or second story additions. They can also be sunrooms.
4. Residential Interior:
A project that is done within the existing walls of the original structure that does not include the addition of any heated or cooled livable space to the home.
5. Residential Exterior:
Alterations to the exterior of a residential building that do not include the addition of heated or cooled livable space to the home.
6. Detached Outbuilding: 
Structures that are not attached to the main home. It can include pool houses, detached garage, potting shed, guest house, and we've even had a dog house win this category.
7. Outdoor Living:
This category can include porches, decks, outdoor kitchens, hardscape, pools, or any combination of things that create a beautiful and practical outdoor living environment.
8. Residential Specialty Item:
This includes any project, or part of a project, that is not included in it's own Chrysalis category. Examples would be: entryways, cupolas, wine racks, fireplaces, stairways, cabinetry or shelving.
9. Whole House Remodel: T
his can include either or both exterior and interior remodeling. Involving multiple rooms. Our suggestion is that it should include at least one key room such as a kitchen or bath, but that is not a requirement.
10. Residential Historic Renovation:
Typically, the entries in this category represent the remodeling of a home built before 1930 to update it for 21st century living.
11. Residential Universal Design:
A key element of this category is to show a project that combines great design with Universal Design principles.
13. Residential Insurance Restoration:
In addition to the "before and after" photography, you should include information on adhering to time and budget schedules, and highlight the challenges of the project.
14. Commercial Insurance Restoration:
 In addition to the "before and after" photography, you should include information on adhering to time and budget schedules, and highlight the challenges of the project.
15. Commercial Remodel:
This is a very broad category. Keep in mind that our judges are not influenced by the sheer size of a project, but by the creativity displayed.
16. Basement Remodel

ASK US FOR HELP: We are always available to answer questions. We are happy to provide suggestions about category selection or entry format. If you submit your entries early, we can even look them over to see if there is anything we would suggest related to format. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. Call me, Ken Kanline, at 888-263-5687, or you can email me at

Questions??? Call us at 1-888-263-5687 OR EMAIL US AT