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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2016 Award
Bath Remodel over $75,000

2015 Bath Remodel
$50,000 - $75,000

2009 Whole House Remodel
 Over $1 Million


TriplePoint Design Build
Remodelers of
St. Petersburg, FL
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Neal Fiske
6400 1st Avenue N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: 727 302-9116
Fax: 727 345-4278

2016 Award - Bath Remodel over $75,000

The clients purchased a 1929 home that was in superb condition, with a few exceptions. The master suite area, in particular the master bathroom, was not consistent with the space requirements they were accustomed to. The existing floor plan suggested that there had
been attempts at remodeling this space in the past, prior to our clients’ ownership. Poor design left the space congested, disjointed, inefficient, and lacking style. In addition to the unworkable layout, the decorative element was extremely lackluster.

* Remove all interior walls and fixtures to provide for new area of construction.
* Carefully support ceiling joists so new structural beams could be installed.
* Sister new ceiling joists alongside notched joists to re-establish structural integrity.
* By moving the bathroom wall into the guest bedroom beyond the window, we were able to maintain the toilet and shower location while introducing a third window into the new bathroom space for additional natural light.
* The hall and upper stair landing area were large enough to introduce a privacy wall that separates the master suite from the rest of the 2nd level. We cleared the pull-down stairs so they would not have to be relocated.
* Utilize icynene spray foam insulation on roof deck and exterior walls for energy efficiency.
* The hall closet was fortunately situated directly above the main cast iron waste stack of the 2nd level. Although not wide enough for a side-by-side full-size washer/dryer configuration, the stackable feature of new appliances perfectly suited the reconfigured space.
* The smaller closet door from the master bedroom provides access to the new washer/dryer hook-up location