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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2023 Regional Award
Whole House Remodel
under $400,000


Sheedy Watts Design
Remodelers of Charlotte, North Carolina

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Ray Sheedy
Sheedy Watts Design
1501 East 7th St, Ste 5
Charlotte, NC 28204

2023 Regional Award
Whole House Remodel under $400,000

This original home was a inner-city rental property for thirteen years and the owners wanted to renovate it and make it into a permanent residence. Although the renovation doubled the square footage, it's new two-thousand square feet keeps it in scale with the original houses of the historic neighborhood.

A new stair tower, which reflects a farmhouse hay silo, marks the entry onto the street and into the historic neighborhood. The use of traditional elements reflect the history of the homes and help set a precedent for the street in any future renovations.