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2015 National Award
Commercial Insurance

Belfor Property Restoration
Remodelers of Marlborough, MA

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Gerard McGonagle
Belfor Property Restoration
138 Bartlett St.
Marlborough, MA 0172 Phone: 774-721-6728 Website:

2015 National Award
Commercial Insurance Restoration

“This is the beginning of our recovery. We may have lost some buildings, but we have not lost our spirit!,” said Rick Bulger, the Associate Director of Valley View School in a letter to parents of students.

On Friday, October 25, 2013, a devastating fire broke out around 7:00 pm which severely damaged a major dormitory, student lounges, kitchen and dining hall-theatre on campus. The academic facilities, gymnasium and other dormitories were not affected. Luckily, there were no student or faculty injuries and everyone was accounted for, however, while everyone was physically safe, there laid several daunting tasks ahead of them – how to 1) keep the school operating with limited interruption 2) continue to educate and inform the unique student body and 3) rebuild their beloved campus buildings to their original historic splendor in the shortest amount of time possible.

According to the website, Valley View School is a small, private boarding school that provides a year-round therapeutic environment for boys between the ages of 11 and 16. Located a mile and a half from the rural, central Massachusetts town of North Brookfield, Valley View School provides an ideal setting for experiencing a wide variety of wholesome and stimulating activities. The school prides itself in offering a comprehensive program integrating a range of services: educational, psychotherapeutic, medical and recreational, in order to allow each student to reach his greatest individual potential.

Once the smoke cleared and the North Brookfield Fire Department crews declared the fire under control, it was time for BELFOR, New England’s premiere damage restoration company to get to work. The project would have two main phases: first the restoration and second the ground-up (or “hill-up”) reconstruction.

School started again the very next Monday although some adjustments had to be made. Valley View School was able to find temporary housing at a nearby school for the boys whom were misplaced by the fire. The temporary kitchen was housed in the gymnasium and was still able to produce three meals each day! The fire inspector handled the investigation and the demolition of the fire-damage dormitory could commence.