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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2005 Best Bath
Remodel Over $50,000

Billingham Built
Remodelers of Erwina, PA

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Laurie Overpeck
47 Perry Auger Road
Erwina, PA 18920
Phone: 610-294-9652
Fax: 610-294-9659

2005 Bath Remodel Over $50,000

This project was conceived to add a guest bath suite to an existing home while maintaining the Asian aesthetic of the home. Previously, this basement space was used as a storage area. Challenges included limited headroom due to many of the mechanical elements of the house’s systems and a lack of natural light since it was below grade level. The architect envisioned this space as the chambers of a Nautilus shell, playing on a natural theme that is often used in Asian art. In this design, the very center of the “nautilus”, and therefore the most private chamber is the shower. To blend harmoniously with the remote, wooded home site and existing décor, natural materials were used throughout the space, along with the use of paint colors in muted, natural tones.