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Our Chrysalis Awards
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2009 Whole House Remodel
$500K - $1 Million


M. K. Brummel, Inc.
Remodelers of
Oswego, Illinois
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Martin Brummel
5365 Goldenrod Drive
Oswego, IL  60543

Phone: 630 554-1600
Fax: 630 554-6377

2009 Whole House Remodel $500K - $1 Million

The owners of this historical home, built in 1866, wanted to add more space while keeping the style and detail of the original. The idea was to blend the old and new areas, with the addition set back in the rear so as not to dominate the front of the house. The owners kept with the "old world" thinking by putting the more expensive products, like the character grade hickory floor and plaster walls, on the first floor, and less expensive oak floor and drywall on the second. The addition was to add a master bedroom and bath, along with a family room. In addition a second stairway was added to facilitate traffic, and a fireplace was added. In all cases, materials were used that maintained the historical integrity of the home.