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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2005 Best Detached Outbuilding

2003 Best Bath Remodel Under $50,000

2003 Best Commercial Remodel

2003 Best Kitchen Remodel $40K-$75K

2003 Best Room Addition Over $100,000

2001 Best Detached Outbuilding

Cormack Builders, Inc.
Remodelers of Madison, NH

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Industry Associations: NRC, NAHB, Sales & Marketing Council
Professional Designation: CGR, CGB, CMB, AIA Affiliate, CSI

Gordan Cormack
P.O. Box 180 2 East Madison Rd.
Madison, NH 03849
Phone: 603-367-9938
Fax: 603-367-8211

2003 Best Commercial Remodel

Located across the street from the Historical Society, this 100 year old barn became the headquarters for Cormack Builders in 1983. Continued growth demanded larger office and shop space. An “L” shaped, flat roofed addition was built into the hillside, below, but connected to, the main structure. The flat roof would allow future expansion via a second floor in the future. Both the addition and the barn were completely refinished in such a way that the townspeople still do not know the “new” office is here…they just admire the refinished barn.