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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2011 Commercial
Insurance Restoration

National Winner
2009 Best Commercial
Insurance Restoration

2002 Best Commercial

2001 Best Residential
Insurance Restoration

First Atlantic Restoration
Remodelers of Virginia Beach, VA

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Industry Associations: HBAV, RC, BBB, Habitat for Humanity
Professional Designation: CR, NIDR

David Collier
414 S. Parliament Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-499-1915
Fax: 757-490-1303

2001 Best Residential Insurance Restoration

In 1998, hurricane winds had severely twisted and racked a crosswalk at Chesapeake Crossing, a senior citizens apartment complex. Since that time, it had been closed off by the Housing Authority, creating a major inconvenience for the residents.

Outside engineers had determined that there was no possibility of repair, and the crosswalk must be demolished and rebuilt. The insurance agency had acquired three bids…all in excess of $100,000.

First Atlantic determined that if the weight of the roof and third level floor system could be lifted, it would be possible to straighten the structure, replace improperly installed columns and establish adequate wind bracing. Since the courtyard was enclosed, it would not be possible to use heavy equipment to lif the roof or pull the columns back in place. The creative solution was to use scaffolding to raise the roof and third floor.

This solution worked, and the structure was brought up to the 100-mph wind standard and met all Virginia codes. The project was successfully completed within three months…at a final cost of $48,563…a more than 50% savings over all the estimates previously obtained.