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Our Chrysalis Awards
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2015 Kitchen Remodel
under $50,000

HDR Remodeling
Remodelers of Berkeley, California

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Philip Anderson
HDR Remodeling
2951 S. Quebec St., #375
Berkeley, California 94702
Phone: 510-845-6100

2015 Kitchen Remodel under $50,000

The homeowners were moving to Hawaii and wanted to create a Pied a Terre in the lower level of their Bay Area home, most of which was going to be rented out. The lower level apartment was complete except for a kitchenette in which to prepare meals while they were in town. 

Homeowner Wish List

All of the normal kitchen functions were needed except for a stove; the owners opted for a convection microwave oven and an electric stove top instead.
The kitchenette needed to fit within the existing space without major construction.
The aesthetics of the kitchenette needed to merge seamlessly with the existing space.
Plenty of storage capacity
A lot of value on a very tight budget
12 weeks to complete the project

Design Solutions

The kitchenette was designed to fit into the space that had housed their pool table.
The existing built-in shelves were incorporated into the design.
The use of under counter appliances helped create a compact but highly functional space
A multi-purpose island was added for food prep, storage and casual dining.
Stock cabinets and prefabricated counter tops helped meet both the aesthetic and the budget requirements
The design and execution is so seamless it looks as if the kitchen has always been there.
The project was completed before the homeowners left for Hawaii.