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Our Chrysalis Awards
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2018 Best
Basement Remodel
under $100,000


Kashani Designs
Remodelers of Denver Colorado

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Ramina Kashani
Kashani Designs
7608 E Severn Dr
Denver Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-725-7227

2018 Basement Remodel under $100,000

This low-budget basement project was simply to create a finished space for the family to develop a "hang-out" area for all family members. This is basement meets all the requirements for what is built to do, which is entertainment. The large screen TV area is perfect for gathering friends for just cozy movie night. The open floor plan opens opportunities for games, yoga or just a big group sleep-over. Tucked in the corner is a perfect nitch for exercising. The small kitchenette/ bar has all the requirements to warm-up a place for dinner or contains a full bar.