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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

National Winner
2014 Best Basement Remodel

Keiffer Phillips
Remodelers of Atlanta, Georgia

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Patricia Brown
Keiffer Phillips
2451 Cumberland Pkwy. #3409
Atlanta, Georgia 30080
Phone: 404-949-8115

2014 Best Basement Remodel
National Award

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We were given the task of transforming a rough unfinished basement space into a functional, light-filled open area on the Lower Level-in keeping with the contemporary style on the main level. The ultimate goal for this space was to include a guest suite, TV-theater room and a home office that would be a pleasure to work in day in and day out. At the onset, we had to design around troublesome low ceilings that were littered with low-hanging ductwork, plumbing pipes and unyielding structural elements. Working with a local architect, we developed and implemented a plan that disguised ductwork in mahogany cabinetry running the length of the outside wall-along the floor-and we varied ceiling planes which helped to create the illusion of higher ceilings, and that provided us with areas to tuck overhead lighting. The design technique of lowering portions of an already low ceiling, serve to trick the eye and make the ceilings appear higher than they are. They also help conceal some of the mechanical elements that were immovable and allow for the added feature of a light trough above the sitting area.