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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2004 State Remodeler of the Year

2000 Best Deck/Porch

2000 Best Exterior Facelift

1999 State Remodeler of the Year

1999 Best Room Addition Under $100,000

1998 Best Commercial Remodel

Lawrence Murr Remodeling
Remodelers of Jacksonville, FL

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Industry Associations: NAHB, NRC
Professional Designation:   CGR, CAPS

Larry Murr
3000-1 Hartley Road
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Phone: 904-262-1434
Fax: 904-262-1887

1998 Best Commercial Remodel

The "Currents of Time" is a permanent exhibition at the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. It depicts the history of Jacksonville from its very beginnings to the present. Larry Murr was originally hired to build the 1890s "Cracker House", but stayed on through the rest of the phases to the present time.

The exhibit was built on the second floor and space was limited. There were ongoing concerns about dealing with the weight of the exhibits, but at the same time, authenticity was critical. Whenever possible, steel framing was used, and all of the masonry facades were done by cutting 1/2" or 3/4" plywood into the appropriate shapes, then finishing them to look like the real thing.

Opening night was very successful, and it was interesting to listen to the various comments from the guests as they strolled down memory lane.

Not only is this an example of excellent work, but it points out one of the many interesting avenues available to remodeling professionals.