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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2017 Regional Award
Kitchen Remodel
over $150,000

2016 Award
Residential Exterior

2016 Award
Residential Universal Design

Mitchell Construction Group
Remodelers of Medfield, M
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Thomas Mitchell
Mitchell Construction Group
511 Main Street
Medfield, Massachusetts 02052
Phone: 508-359-7904

2016 Award - Residential Exterior

In its former life, this colonial was a lackluster example of a suburban tract home. It sat over-scaled on its site, with a top-heavy center treatment of flagstone veneer over the front entry right up to the center gable. Much of the primed pine trim was rotten at the ends, and 20 year old windows were beginning to show fogged glass, a sign that the seals had failed.

Once it was decided that all the windows would be replaced, it opened the door to a real stylistic change; instead of standard colonial mullion patterns on the windows, new windows allowed for black sash and less traditional grid patterns on the openings. This combined with a change to white cedar shingle siding with flares, and new fascia, soffit and eave return details, really allowed the style to move away from traditional colonial. The expansive front porch addition works to nullify the top heaviness of the former building, by bringing it down to human scale at the front door, as well as creating a place to watch the kids play in the front yard.

The result was a house updated with new materials and efficiencies, with a new look that really sets it apart from the others on the street in a unique fashion this was very important to the Owner, and they are thrilled with the outcome.