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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2007 Addition
Under $100,000

2006 Best Kitchen
Remodel Over $75,000

Olson & Jones Construction, Inc.
Remodelers of Portland, OR

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Greg Olson
P.O. Box 19563
Portland, OR 97280
Phone: 503-244-7467
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2007 Addition Under $100,000

The client’s new home lacked integrity of both style and function, especially the master suite, dominated by a large corner whirlpool tub. Two narrow doors opened from the main bathroom into a cramped shower and toilet room, and a claustrophobic walk-in closet. A major problem was the two-story, 260 square foot living room that felt like a silo. The project achieved a master bathroom with all of the amenities desired...a new laundry room, a massive new closet, and a new den-loft over the cozy living room. Using available attic space, this addition achieved more than the homeowners anticipated...a larger home with superior purpose and style...and integrity.