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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2020 Regional Award
Residential Historic

2007 Regional Award
Addition Under $100,000

2006 Regional Award
Kitchen Remodel
Over $75,000

Olson & Jones Construction, Inc.
Remodelers of Portland, OR

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Greg Olson
P.O. Box 19563
Portland, OR 97280
Phone: 503-244-7467
Fax: .

2020 Residential Historic Renovation

The Olson & Jones approach is honesty, caring, and community. We take the visions of our clients very seriously, and love working with them to achieve these amazing results. We are fortunate to have built a reputation in the historic home remodeling, restoration, and renovation arena for so many years. It is projects like this one, where the vision and creativity of the client, matched with the effort and collaboration of Olson & Jones project management, the design professionals and the trade teams come together to produce such beautiful work.