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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2009 Best
Commercial Remodel

2004 Best Commercial
Historic Renovation

2004 Design/Build Award Detached Outbuilding

2002 Best Room
Addition Under $100,000

Perron Construction
Remodelers of Manheim, PA

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Industry Associations: BIA
Professional Designation:

J. P. Perron
231 W. Hernleg Rd.
Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: 717-664-4994
Fax: 717-664-4424

2002 Best Room Addition Under $100,000

The most ambitious part of the remodeling process was constructing the new kitchen. The original kitchen was so small that it became the new laundry room. The new kitchen in the addition is now four times the size of the original. The owners wanted a "cathedral ceiling look", but the roof couldn’t be higher than the rest of the house, which was almost a Cape Cod. The ceiling beams had to be centered in the vaulted ceiling and not block the view out the window. No skylight was put in, instead, light comes through a bumped-out window in the gable. Outside…wood trim was placed around the windows, and an octagonal window was installed on the upper level to allow light into the stairwell. What took this job to a new level were the architectural details and the interior color scheme.