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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2011 Whole House Remodel $500K-$1 Million

Rebecca L.G. Bostick, Architect
Remodelers of Alexandria, Virginia

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Industry Associations:
Professional Designation: AIA

Rebecca Bostick
1819 Drury Lane Ste. 101
Alexandria, VA 22307
Phone: 703-768-2250

2011 Whole House Remodel $500,000 - $1 Million - Team Award
National Award Winner

The project took a restrictive site, requirement that owners live in the project, and a detailed design to fruition while embracing the neighborhood and surrounding views. Every detail was thought out and executed with as minimal disruption to the owner’s day to day activities. A home that was worn out on the exterior and interior has been brought back to life and geared for the owner’s use and enjoyment for years to come.