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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2006 Best Residential
Specialty Item

2001 Midwest
Remodeler of the Year

2001 State
Remodeler of the Year

2001 Best Exterior Facelift

2001 Best Whole House
Remodel Under $200,00

2000 Best Exterior Facelift

Sutton Siding & Remodeling, Inc
Remodelers of Springfield,
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Industry Associations: RC, NAHB, Nat'l Representative Assoc, Springfield HBA
Professional Designation: CGR

Douglas Sutton Sr. (or Jr.)
1926 Peoria Road
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: 217-528-3911
Fax: 217-528-0234

2006 Best Residential Specialty Item

As a part of a larger interior remodeling project, the clients commissioned a cabinet/shelving unit that would match or resemble a piece they had seen at a friend's home. The unit is made of walnut and oak, with cabinet doors to match their existing kitchen cabinets. It took approximately 120 hours to build and is one of the most ornate and detailed items ever constructed by Sutton Siding & Remodeling. Constant communication was maintained with the client to produce a finished product beyond all expectation.