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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2006 Best Residential
Specialty Item

2001 Midwest
Remodeler of the Year

2001 State
Remodeler of the Year

2001 Best Exterior Facelift

2001 Best Whole House
Remodel Under $200,00

2000 Best Exterior Facelift

Sutton Siding & Remodeling, Inc
Remodelers of Springfield,
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Industry Associations: RC, NAHB, Nat'l Representative Assoc, Springfield HBA
Professional Designation: CGR

Douglas Sutton Sr. (or Jr.)
1926 Peoria Road
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: 217-528-3911
Fax: 217-528-0234

2001 Best Exterior Facelift

This project began as a repair to a leaking roof over a room addition. During the site visit, the owner decided that siding and window replacement was needed, as well as the addition of a new porch. The goal was to take a simple two story rural house, give it an appealing and inviting exterior look while increasing the home’s energy efficiency.

The windows in the front were changed to give a balanced lower look. The siding was changed to a smaller profile and shutters were added to give some color. The entry was changed from a side entry to the front with the porch added with steps and a curved sidewalk.

Insulation was added and underlayment installed on the sidewalls prior to installing the siding.

The pictures tell the story. And according to the owner, the local banker stated that these changes increased the value of the home in excess of the cost of the project.