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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2005 Best Whole House Remodel Under $200,000

2000 Best Residential Historic Renovation

2000 Design/Build Award Room Addition Over $100,000

Uptack Timberframe
Remodelers of Groveland,
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James Dole
46 Uptack Road
Groveland, MA 01834
Phone: 978-372-7867
Fax: 978-372-7867

2005 Best Whole House Remodel Under $200,000

This project is the renovation of an 1840 home in an historic area of Massachusetts. The project focus was a remodeled kitchen, which included the removal of an interior partition to create an “open plan” concept for the kitchen/dining area. The purpose was to relieve the cramped atmosphere of the previously separate rooms and to update the kitchen fixtures and appliances. As with many historic homes, initial demolition uncovered structural damage that required the expertise of a structural engineer. Some of the repair required salvaging some original structural materials to match the existing material. In addition, all electrical, plumbing, heating and lighting systems had to be replaced. The crisp, clean details of the rebuilt kitchen and bath were successful in hiding the discrepancies and inconsistencies of the original 1840 structure, resulting in an attractive and functional twenty-first century environment, while preserving the period feel of the timber frame.