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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2016 National Award
Residential  Exterior

2015 National Award
Basement Remodel

2015 Addition
over $250,000

2012 Best
Detached Outbuilding
(Team Award)

2010 Best
Detached Outbuilding

National Award
    2009 Best Kitchen 
$75,000 -$100,000

2009 Residential Specialty

2007 Best Addition
 Over $250,000

2006 Best Bath Remodel
Over $50,000

2006 Best Room Addition
Over $100,000

2005 Best Residential
Universal Design

Alward Construction Company, Inc.
Remodelers of Berkeley, CA

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Industry Associations:
Professional Designation: General Contractor, License No. 553544

Keith Alward
780 San Luis Road
Berkeley, CA 94707
Phone: 510-527-6498
Fax: 510-527-9725

2012 Best Detached Outbuilding (Team Award)
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The project was the replacement of a turn of the century detached outbuilding with a new two story office with a full bathroom and a curb-less shower. In addition, the owners wanted radiant heating on both floors, hardwood flooring, opening skylights, a full deck, storage space, and lots of natural light, supplemented by a sophisticated LED lighting system. It was important that the building retain its original charm on the exterior. The craftsman motif was carried out in the interior detailing. Cement shingles, fire sprinkling and gypboard under the shingles satisfied the Oakland’s requirements for fire protection.