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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2014 Whole House Remodel
over $1 Million

2013 National Winner
Whole House over $1 Million

Benco Construction
Remodelers of Bohemia, New York

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Patrick Bentivegna
Benco Construction
1279 Sycamore Avenue
Bohemia, New York
Phone: 631-244-6900

2014 Whole House over $1 Million
National Winner

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The owner specifically wanted to feel as if he were standing in a wooded area while in his home, like a tree house. Transforming this 40-year-old Cape Cod into the modern country home of his dreams required much planning and creativity. Because of the grade, the entire home was raised and re-supported. To achieve the “rustic but modern, outdoorsy” look, we could not simply use one material but a combination of materials. The roof was re-built with grey aluminum metal. The remainder of the home was finished with grey-stained marine-grade plywood, cement stucco and cedar planks all on rain screens. The overall finish enhances the rustic surroundings and complexity of the natural composition of the wooded area. The original design was a closed space, which was modified into an open floor plan to create the feeling of being outdoors and we installed custom-made floor to ceiling German windows trimmed with German Alder wood. Marble and stone were used on countertops, with the home trimmed in a combination of cedar stone, granite and terrazzo. Upon completion of this project, our planning and process successfully placed our client squarely in the midst of where he dreamed of being all along: inside his own modern wooded area.