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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2021 National Winner
Whole House Remodel
$300,000 - $700,000

2019 Regional Award
Kitchen Remodel
under $75,000

2019 Regional Award
Whole House Remodel
under $300,000

2016 National Winner
Detached Outbuilding

2016 National Winner
Outdoor Living

2016 Award
Residential Historic Renovation

National Winner
2013 Best Bath Remodel
under $40,000

2012 Whole House Remodel
$500,000 - $1 Million

National Winner
2011 Addition

National Winner
2011 Whole House Remodel
over $1 Million

2011 Residential Interior
over $100K

2010 Whole House Remodel
$500K - $1 Million

Jackson & LeRoy Remodeling
Remodelers of Salt Lake City, Utah

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Brandon LeRoy
2464 Arnett Drive
Salt Lake city, UT  84109
Phone: 801-277-3927

National Winner
2013 Best Bath Remodel under $40,000
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Nestled in a quiet mountain top neighborhood overlooking the beautiful Salt Lake Valley, this 1970s home was in major need of a complete remodel. The master bathroom was our focal point as it was leaky, smelly, dirty, cramped , and dark. The objective: A complete facelift, which would provide the owners with a spacious, light, and functional bathroom. It was determined to that to create more space we would need to add on to the back of the home. The theme was Carrara marble, custom face framed white cabinets, and rich walnut floors. The tub was designed to fit into a cubby of cabinets and surrounded by marble. A new skylight brought in much needed light. In the end, the lighting was so brilliant that French doors with frosted glass were added to provide light into the master bedroom.