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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2019 Regional Award
Kitchen Remodel
under $75,000

2019 Regional Award
Whole House Remodel
under $300,000

2016 National Winner
Detached Outbuilding

2016 National Winner
Outdoor Living

2016 Regional Award
Residential Historic Renovation

National Winner
2013 Best Bath Remodel
under $40,000

2012 Regional Award
Whole House Remodel
$500,000 - $1 Million

National Winner
2011 Addition

National Winner
2011 Whole House Remodel
over $1 Million

2011 Residential Interior
over $100K

2010 Whole House Remodel
$500K - $1 Million

Jackson & LeRoy Remodeling
Remodelers of Salt Lake City, Utah

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Professional Designation:

Brandon LeRoy
2464 Arnett Drive
Salt Lake city, UT  84109
Phone: 801-277-3927

2019 Regional Award
Whole House Remodel under $300,000
Team Member: AMB Design

As designer and homeowner, this creative and inspired family restored this quaint home to its traditional roots while making it a livable space for someone of any age. The minimal exterior facelift had a big impact thanks to the classic and authentic bones. The warm and rich blue-gray color seen throughout proves that even a dark color can open up small spaces. The result is a home brimming with a poetic spirit.