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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2010 Best Kitchen Remodel Under $40,000

2010 Best
Outdoor Living

2008 Best Green Remodel

2008 Best Addition $100,000 - $250,000

2006 Best Bath Remodel Under $50,000

2005 Best Room Remodel

Modern Yankee Builders, Inc.
Remodelers of Cumberland, RI

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Industry Associations: RIBA, NAHBR
Professional Designation: CGR, CAPS, CGP

Joseph Cracco
3433 Diamond Hill Road
Cumberland, RI 02864
Phone: 401-641-9457
Fax: 401-334-4355

2005 Best Room Remodel

This 225 year-old home had two identical bedrooms. Both were approximately 210 square feet, but had very low 6’ ceilings at the highest point. The ceilings needed to be raised and closets created that would provide much needed hanging, drawer and shelf storage space. In addition, it was necessary to retain the feel of the original old house. To raise the ceilings they had to eliminate the collar ties…but the collar ties prevented the rafters from pushing the exterior walls away from each other. To overcome this, they installed a built-up beam at the ridge and strapped the rafters to it. The beam bears on the gable wall at one end and on a site-built truss on the other. This eliminated the outward thrust of the joists at the exterior walls and transferred half of the roof load to the gable wall and half to the truss. The homeowners now have two very functional and beautiful bedrooms with plenty of space for clothing and storage.