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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2002 Special Award
Whole House Remodel
 Over $500K

2001 Best
Commercial Remodel

2001 Best Residential
Historic Renovation

2001 Best Residential
Universal Design

Sid Kumins, Inc
Remodelers of Brookline,
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Roderic Gilbert
112 Summit Ave.
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-277-8252
Fax: 617-566-4471

2001 Best Residential Historic Renovation

The owner of this historic 1700’s farmhouse on stylish Beacon Hill in Boston needed to add 2,500 square feet to his existing home. The new renovation required space necessary for a new laundry room, wine storage room, private office, full bathroom, and large recreational area for the owner’s children. In this area of Boston, space is really at a premium, so the decision was made to…go underground, and put the addition under the attached garden area.

Serious consideration had to be given to the concerns of the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission, who required that the addition NOT be visible from the street. That wasn’t a problem because the addition wasn’t visible from anywhere above ground. After excavating over 2,500 square feet of the garden, a reinforced concrete bunker with openings for six skylights was poured. A landscape architect was on hand to ensure that the six skylights were attractively integrated into the new garden design. High ceilings, natural light and carefully placed "down-lights" brighten up the underground addition creating a spacious feeling.

Some of the other challenges were connecting to the wood and brick city sewer system…and working just 60 feet above the MBTA subway system which runs directly under the property.