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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

National Winner
2013 Best Addition
under $100,000

2012 Best Addition
under $100,000

2011 Whole House Remodel
under $250,000

National Winner
2009 Residential

 Historic Renovation

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Silver Spring, MD
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Daren Smith
808 Orchard Way
Silver Spring MD 20904
Phone: 301-674-7879
Fax: 301-592-0366

2009 Residential Historic Renovation
National Winner

The owners of this 1883 Victorian farmhouse wanted the recreation of two porches that were originally built with the home. A rear screened porch that was removed in the 1980s was to be reconstructed to replicate the original porch which required that several sealed windows and doorways had to be re-opened. The kitchen porch was rebuilt in the 1940s in a way that was not compatible with the original home, so it became the site for the reconstruction of the original porch.