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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

National Winner
2013 Best Addition
under $100,000

2012 Best Addition
under $100,000

2011 Whole House Remodel
under $250,000

National Winner
2009 Residential

 Historic Renovation

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Silver Spring, MD
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Daren Smith
808 Orchard Way
Silver Spring MD 20904
Phone: 301-674-7879
Fax: 301-592-0366

2012 Best Addition under $100,000
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Because there was so much underutilized space in the attic areas, there could be a major transformation without expanding the footprint of the home to create this Master Bedroom Bathroom Addition. The project also included the addition of a sunroom.

It was decided to create the sunroom addition with a flat roof that could be walked upon and a spiral staircase down to the deck and hot tub area. This allows a straight passage from the hot tub to the master bedroom without going through the whole house. To obtain the desired view and accommodate the sunroom addition, the flow worked best to have the bedroom on the back of the house and the bathroom/closet area on the opposite side.

The addition required its own heating and cooling system. After a review of their existing systems and the age of their old furnace and water heater, it became clear that this client would benefit from a GEO Thermal system. After a cost benefit analysis was presented, the clients decided to install two Water Cooler GEO Thermal systems and holding tank to assist the gas water heater in being more efficient.