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Our Chrysalis Awards
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2009 Best
Detached Outbuilding

National Award
2008 Best
Residential Specialty

2008 Best
Commercial Remodel


Teevan Restoration
Remodelers of
San Francisco, California
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Susan Clark
2247 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415 474-8826

2008 Best Commercial Remodel

The owners of this building had a number of concerns about their architecturally significant building. The exterior had been neglected for 30 years causing significant deterioration of the windows, stucco, copper eves, roofing tiles and especially the Terra Cotta rain table of the lower level. The main goal was to restore these areas as close as possible to the original look of the building to maintain its historical integrity. The original details of the rain table had become almost unrecognizable. A mold of the detail was made from an undamaged section and used to restore the remaining sections. Several of the windows were beyond restoration, so new windows were fabricated to match the originals. Over time, the Terra Cotta panels had become dislodged from their beds allowing a significant pigeon population to take up residence inside the cornice. The weight of the waste, feathers and deceased birds had caused the cornice to separate at the seams and was in danger of causing the panels to fall. After an exhaustive cleaning the tiles were leveled by adjusting each tile support wire by hand. The cornice was raised to its original location and was secured with galvanized wire to seal off the former pigeon access points.