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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2005 State Remodeler of the Year

2002 State Remodeler of the Year

2002 Best Deck/Porch

2002 Best Kitchen Remodel Under $40,000

2002 Best Sunroom

2002 Design/Build Award Detached Outbuilding

2001 Best Whole House Remodel Over $500K

2001 Design/Build Award Whole House Remodel $200K-$500K

2000 State Remodeler of the Year

Zimmerman Remodeling & Construction, Inc
Remodelers of Bellevue, OH

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Industry Associations: Erie Co. Homebuilders, Northcoast BIA
Professional Designation:

Greg Zimmerman
2382 Sandusky County Road 292
Bellevue, OH 44811
Phone: 419-483-7250
Fax: 419-483-2517

2002 Best Sunroom


This 24’ X 16’ sunroom required a spread footer because of the sandy soil and the fact that the room had to be raised three feet. Because they didn’t want any parts in the middle of a 24’ span that held up the roof and upper deck, two steel beams were installed to carry the back of the house and span from corner to corner so the view is unobstructed. This new sunroom not only ties into the house, but blends with it perfectly