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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

National Winner
2019 Commercial Remodel
over $500,000

2018 Regional Best
Whole House Renovation
$300,000 - $750,000

2017 Regional Award
Residential Insurance Restoration

Architectural Workshop
Remodelers of Denver, Colorado

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Mark Bowers
Architectural Workshop
2 Kalamath St.
Denver, Colorado 80223
Phone: 303-788-1717

2019 Best Commercial Remodel
over $500,000
Team Member: R M Ruwart Design

Once a classic movie house, Archetype Distillery is a specialty experience that combines a custom distillery highlighting “original” style gin and vodka while creating a venue for local art and community events. The “Elegant Industrial” design preserves the character of the original industrial structure while modern elements add elegance throughout. Archetype Distillery pays homage to the past while being designed for the future offering the neighborhood a community destination for socialization and entertainment, much like its historical beginnings as a theater.