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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2016 National Award
Whole House Remodel
$300,000 - $700,000
Co-Winner Team Award

2014 Whole House Remodel
$250,000 - $$500,000

2003 Commercial Remodel

2002 Commercial Remodel

2001 Co-Winner
 Commercial Remodel

2000 Finished Basement

1999 Residential
Historic Renovation

Fryday & Doyne Architecture/Interior Design
Remodelers of Charlotte, NC

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John Fryday
118 East Kingston Ave. Suite 20
Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704-372-0001
Fax: 704-372-2517

2000 Best Finished Basement

The owners of this historic 1920s home had extensive ties to the entertainment industry, and wanted a state-of-the-art home theatre. The only available space was the basement storage/laundry area. The first challenge was to create the illusion of height by actually lowering the ceiling in three spaces. The lowered areas (6 inches deep) allowed the piping and ducts to traverse the space while providing recesses to achieve a soft but uniform overall light level. The overall result is a warm and cozy room the the audio-visual experience, devoid of the "basement feel".