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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2012 Best
Whole House Remodel
over $1 Million

2012 Best
Commercial Remodel

2007 Whole House
Remodel Over $500,000

2004 Best Residential
Historic Renovation

Glass Construction
Remodelers of Washington D.C.
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Tom Glass
3307 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington D.C. 20008
Phone: 202-362-6012
Fax: 202-362-6014

2012 Best Whole House Remodel over $1 Million
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This 1815 townhouse is a keen example of how a project exemplifies luxury through historically inspired architecture with a modern twist. 200 years of traffic had exacted a heavy toll on everything from the hearths and antique floors to the foundation and masonry, to the point where it was necessary to essentially start from scratch save for the brick shell of the house. As the new homeowners favored optimum space and light, a tacked-on sunroom was removed, bringing the house back to its original crisp and succinct form. No casings or baseboards were used on the project. Instead, metal reglets with a profile created reveals at all wall-to-floor and floor-to-ceiling conditions. The result was an ultra-clean, white look that transforms the room into an ensemble of floating planes. In addition, white Thassos marble at baths and fireplace surrounds, coupled with all white Corian countertops and wall splashes further augmented the seamless and clean aesthetic. Among the more innovative features are egg-crate bookcases which provide an outstanding and unique characteristic in the master dressing room and library. A terraced backyard and pool add further to the modernist look, and a geothermal system installed underneath provides the ultimate contemporary amenity to the fully modernized, yet historic, property.