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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2008 Best Bath Remodel Over $60,000

National Award
2008 Best Whole House Remodel Under $200,000

National Award
2008 Best Green Remodel

2008 Best Residential Exterior Remodel


Jeff King & Company
Remodelers of
San Francisco, California
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Industry Associations: NARI
Professional Designation: CGB-Certified Green Builder

Carlos Calvo
251 Balboa Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415 221-5012
Fax: 415 221-5010

2008 Best Green Remodel

The owners of this urban house were at the end of their rope. They had lived here for 12 years and had several of the areas remodeled twice before. They had planned to move, but were unable to find a house with the same qualities or as good a location as this one. The chronic problem was that many part of the house were too dark, even in full daylight. In addition to wanting more natural light, they wanted to incorporate as much green technology and sustainable building practices as the design would allow. By adding skylights, enlarging the window openings and opening up the rooms, the natural light problem was solved. There were a host of “green” elements that are too numerous to list, but some include:
radiant heating on all levels of the home, low glazing, energy efficient housewrap and insulation, using natural oils to finish the cabinetry, the salvaging of all old windows, doors, fixtures and cabinets, all lumber was salvaged and reused or recycled, the use of engineered lumber to save old growth forests. This is an example of how “green” principles can be incorporated without any sacrifice of design or function.