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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

National Award
2010 Best Kitchen
 Remodel Under $50,000

2010 Best Whole House
Remodel $250K - $500K

National Award
2009 Kitchen Remodel
Under $50,000

National Award
2009 Bath Remodel

Under $40,000

P&P Construction, LLC
Remodelers of Washington D.C.

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Dina Padula
1518 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington D.C.  20003

Phone: 202 548-0404

    2009 Best Bath Remodel Under $40,000
    National Award Winner

Going green was the theme for this client's bath renovation. They selected bamboo millwork which was custom made by P&P's mill shop and Fowler Architects complimented the millwork with Caesar stone counter tops. The smallest room is undoubtedly going to require the largest number of professionals to remodel. A plumber, tiler, electrician, flooring installer, painter and cabinet installer are called on to transform any bathroom. We made sure that the planning and coordination was done up-front since the owner's needed it all done prior to the arrival of their new born only 5 short weeks away!  The custom shower glass was from Hutchinson Glass and an all-frameless style maximizes space for the client the entire bath area.