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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

National Award

2010 Best Kitchen
 Remodel Under $50,000

2010 Best Whole House
Remodel $250K - $500K

National Award
2009 Kitchen Remodel
Under $50,000

National Award
2009 Bath Remodel
Under $40,000

P&P Construction, LLC
Remodelers of Washington D.C.

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Dina Padula
1518 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington D.C.  20003

Phone: 202 548-0404

2010 Best Kitchen Remodel Under $50,000
    National Award Winner

Sometimes, the best design solutions require the removal rather than the addition of work. This was the case with this 110-year-old row house kitchen. The new owners wanted to make this room the “hearth” of the house, knowing that they would be spending most of their time here with their family of five. The clients wanted the kitchen to mix their Connecticut and English architectural traditions bit with crisp, clean lines. Years of neglect reduced this kitchen to a dark, uninviting and sad space. Together, the owner/architect and the contractor began with the premise that natural lighting with a warm and inviting material palette would be the basis for this renovation. The color scheme used in the kitchen is all “white-on-white” which allows the different textures to play off each other.