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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2004 State Remodeler of the Year

2003 Midwest Remodeler of the Year

2003 State Remodeler of the Year

2002 Best Commercial Remodel

2002 Best Whole House Remodel Over $500K

2001 Best Bath Remodel Over $50,000

2001 Best Room Addition Over $100,000

2001 Special Award Whole House Remodel $200K-$500K

2000 Best Bath Remodel Over $50,000

2000 Best Whole
Remodel $200K-500K

Design Construction Concepts, Ltd
Remodelers of Northbrook, IL

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Industry Associations: NAHB, NKBA, AIA
Professional Designation:

Michael Menn, Andrew L. Poticha
425 Huehl Rd, Unit 15B
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 847-498-1676
Fax: 847-498-2463

2001 Best Room Addition Over $100,000

After another contractor spent six weeks and performed about two days of demolition, the architect recommended that the owner contact Design & Construction Concepts to take over the project and build an Old English front addition to the house with a new breakfast room and entry.

The challenges became more than apparent on day one. The original owner of this 80 year old house had been a road contractor, and built the house as if he were building a road. The floors were 14" thick cast-in-place concrete slabs and the foundation walls were 12"-14" thick. The sanitary sewer was buried in one of the walls and not marked accurately by the village, so on the first day they hit the sewer line. When they uncovered the water line, it turned out to be lead, running under a hand-laid herringbone pattern brick driveway. Upon opening the inside walls, it was discovered that the old water and waste lines were rotting galvanized pipes.

They replaced the water supply line by auguring under the drive, and to avoid opening up walls on the second floor they replaced the the plumbing lines by hiding them behind the crown molding and in the decorative soffit in the entry.

After all this, the project turned out nothing less than fantastic, and the addition blends perfectly with the original structure.