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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2019 Regional Award
Residential Historic

2017 Regional Award
Addition under $250,000

2006 Regional Award
Commercial Remodel

2003 Regional Award
Residential Historic

2003 Regional Award

2002 Regional Award
Room Remodel

Scott Wilson Architect, LLC
Remodelers of Brentwood,
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Industry Associations: Consumer Advisory Council-Trus Joist McMillan, Historic Center House
Professional Designation: AIA

Scott Wilson
317 Main Street, #202
Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: 615-377-9131
Fax: 615-221-8963

2019 Regional Award
Residential Historic Renovation

When the new Owners bought this historic house they took on a project that had many challenges. The existing home consisted of several small isolated rooms which were not compatible with today’s lifestyles.

The final solution opened up existing walls in a way that one can “read” the story of the home’s evolution both inside and outside. The exterior of the new spaces repeat the existing front roof gable to create a rhythm of old and new that celebrates the massing and materials of the original structure. This approach preserved the character, massing and material palette of the original home.