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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2015 Residential Exterior
over $100,000

2013 Kitchen Remodel
over $100,000

2013 Residential
Historic Renovation

National Award
2011 Kitchen Remodel

2011 Residential Specialty Item

National Award
2010 Best Residential Interior

2008 Historic Renovation

2008 Whole House
Remodel $200K - $500K

Craftsman Design & Renovation
Remodelers of
Portland, OR
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Industry Associations:
Professional Designation: CKD, CAPS

Wade Freitag
1100 SE Grand Ave., Suite 202
Portland, OR  97214
Phone: 503 239-6200
Fax: 503 234-1075

2010 Best Residential Interior
National Award Winner

In this smaller bungalow the typical problem of insufficient storage was compounded by poorly scaled rooms with diminished utility and charm, and prior stripping of vintage details. Without changing the home’s footprint or adding an additional floor, virtually every room was given greater function and an abundance of style, all with period custom built-ins. Closely consulting with the clients, the installations were customized to their aesthetics and activities. The overall result is a more accommodating, striking interior returned to its historic period but also personalized to the owner’s tastes and interests.