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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2017 National Award
Residential Specialty

National Award
2010 National Remodeler
of the Year Co-Winner

National Award
2008 National
Remodeler of the Year

National Award
2008 Best Home Theatre
Under $150,000

2008 Southern
Remodeler of the Year

2006 Tennessee State Remodeler of the Year

2005 State
Remodeler of the Year

2005 Best
Finished Basement

2005 Special Award
Room Remodel

2004 State
Remodeler of the Year

2004 Best Room Addition
Under $100,000

2003 State
 Remodeler of the Year

2002 State
Remodeler of the Year

2001 Best
Finished Basement

Crane Builders, LLC
Remodelers of Nashville, TN

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Industry Associations: NAHB, NRC, NARI
Professional Designation: CGR

David Crane
2931 Berry Hill Dr., Ste. 200
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-383-0300
Fax: 615-297-8572

2005 Best Finished Basement

The clients had a fairly vanilla, partially finished basement that they rarely used. They wanted to rework the existing area and finish the remainder of the basement to create a media room and an entertaining room with wet bar. To open up the space, a row of steel columns supporting an 18-inch parallam beam on which the home was built. Temporary walls were installed on each side of the row of columns, the slab was cut and three new footings were installed. Three four-inch columns were strategically installed inside the new walls. The parallam was extracted. The I joists were cut and blocked to accommodate a steel I beam at a height that would provide a minimum of eight feet of headroom. All this was accomplished with ZERO impact on the living spaces of three stories above. Ventilation was installed under the slab to solve a high radon gas problem. The result is a showpiece entertainment and bar area.