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Our Chrysalis Awards
for Remodeling Excellence:

2022 National Award
Residential Exterior

Decade of Excellence

2022 Regional Award
Detached Outbuilding

2020 Regional Award
Bath Remodel
over $75,000

2018 National Award
Outdoor Living
over $75,000

2017 National Award
Residential Specialty

2010 National Award
2010 National Remodeler
of the Year Co-Winner

National Award
2008 National
Remodeler of the Year

National Award
2008 Best Home Theatre
Under $150,000

2008 Southern
Remodeler of the Year

2006 State
Remodeler of the Year

2005 State
Remodeler of the Year

2005 Best
Finished Basement

2005 Special Award
Room Remodel

2004 State
Remodeler of the Year

2004 Best Room Addition
Under $100,000

2003 State
 Remodeler of the Year

2002 State
Remodeler of the Year

2001 Best
Finished Basement

Crane Builders, LLC
Remodelers of Nashville, TN

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Industry Associations: NAHB, NRC, NARI
Professional Designation: CGR

David Crane
2931 Berry Hill Dr., Ste. 200
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-383-0300
Fax: 615-297-8572

2022 Decade of Excellence

This is the highest award that Chrysalis can present because it represents not only excellence in construction and design, but excellence that has been tested over time. It is only presented once to residential remodeling and design companies who have won a Chrysalis Award in ten separate years since Chrysalis became a national competition in 2000.

This year we are honoring another top company who has demonstrated, through their accomplishments and success, what it takes to be at the pinnacle of the industry.

We welcome Crane Builders, Inc. of Nashville, TN who has won 6 National Awards in the categories of: Residential Exterior, Outdoor Living, Residential Specialty, and Home Theater. They have also won 7 Regional Awards in the categories of Bath, Basement, Detached Outbuilding, Room Addition, and Room Addition. Crane Builders has also received the honor of being named Remodeler of the Year on the State, Regional and National levels many times.

Their commitment to quality, excellence and creative design put them in an elite position in the remodeling industry.