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Chrysalis Remodelers of Alabama - award logo

The Chrysalis Awards
for Great Ideas!

All remodeling projects  presented here are recipients of the prestigious
 Chrysalis Award
which honors the talent,
creativity & professionalism
within the remodeling

= National Winner


Congratulations to the
2019 Chrysalis Award Winners!

Addition Under $250,000 Trehus Builders, Inc.
Addition Under $250,000 RemodelWerks, LLC Regional
  GMT Home Designs Team
Addition Under $250,000 Innovative Construction Regional
  Kirkland & Associates Architects PC   Team
Addition Under $250,000 StoneHorse Design Regional
Addition Over $250,000 Denver Design Build
Addition Over $250,000 Besch Design, Ltd. Regional
Addition Over $250,000 Craftsmanship by John, Inc. Regional
Addition Over $250,000 GTM Architects Regional
  Sandy Spring Builders Team
Basement Remodel
Basement Remodel under $100,000 Hivex Basement Finishing Company
Basement Remodel under $100,000 CMH Builders Regional
Basement Remodel over $100,000 Adams + Beasley Associates
  Meredith Harrington Interiors LL Team
  DGS Architecture Team
Basement Remodel over $100,000 MA Peterson Regional
Basement Remodel over $100,000 Gruver Cooley Corporation Regional
  Gruver Cooley Interiors Team
Basement Remodel over $100,000 Poehlmann Construction Regional
Bath Remodel
Bath Remodel Under $50,000 ONE eleven LTD
Bath Remodel Under $50,000 Diamond Bath LLC Regional
Bath Remodel Under $50,000 Mitchell Construction Group, Inc. Regional
Bath Remodel Under $50,000 Summers & Sons Development Co. Regional
Bath Remodel $50,000 - $75,000 Gruver Cooley Corporation
  Gruver Cooley Interiors Team
Bath Remodel $50,000 - $75,000 Design Alternatives Regional
Bath Remodel $50,000 - $75,000 CW Design LLC Regional
Bath Remodel over  $75,000 Rusk Renovation
  plainspace Architecture and Design Team
Bath Remodel over  $75,000 LaMantia Design & Construction Regional
Bath Remodel over  $75,000 TLC Design Build LLC Regional
Bath Remodel over  $75,000 Neil Kelly Design/Build Regional
Commercial Remodel
Commercial Remodel under $500K Judy Coutts Architect          
Commercial Remodel under $500K DMG LLC Regional
Commercial Remodel under $500K 55+ TLC Interior Design LLC Regional
Commercial Remodel over $500K Architectural Workshop
  R M Ruwart Design Team
Commercial Remodel over $500K Project Architecture & Construction Regional
Commercial Remodel over $500K AMB Architects PLLC Regional
Decade of Excellence
Decade of Excellence Jackson Design & Remodeling CA
Detached Outbuilding
Detached Outbuilding Kasper Custom Remodeling, LLC
Detached Outbuilding Royal Oaks Design Regional
Detached Outbuilding (Co-Winner) Harth Builders Regional
Detached Outbuilding (Co-Winner) Tabor Design Build Regional
Detached Outbuilding HDR Remodeling Regional
Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000 Innovative Construction
  Molly Trost Interiors Team
Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000 TreHus Builders Regional
Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000 Rhode Island Ktchen & Bath Regional
Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000 Jack & Leroy Remodeling Regional
  AMB Design Team
Kitchen Remodel $75,000 - $150,000 ONE eleven Ltd.
Kitchen Remodel $75,000 - $150,000 Vesta Regional
Kitchen Remodel $75,000 - $150,000 Teakwood Builders, Inc. Regional
Kitchen Remodel $75,000 - $150,000 Design Center, Inc. Regional
Kitchen Remodel $75,000 - $150,000 Michael Nash Design Build & Homes, Inc. Regional
Kitchen Remodel over $150,000 Kasper Custom Remodeling, LLC
Kitchen Remodel over $150,000 Quartersawn DesignBuild Regional
Kitchen Remodel over $150,000 Mitchell Construction Group, Inc. Regional
Kitchen Remodel over $150,000 Allen Construction Regional
Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living under $75,000 Interior Trends Remodel & Design
Outdoor Living under $75,000 MA Peterson Regional
Outdoor Living under $75,000 S&W Kitchens Inc. Regional
Outdoor Living over $75,000 MA Peterson 
Outdoor Living over $75,000 Davitt Design Build Regional
Outdoor Living over $75,000 Key Residential Regional
  Randy Angell Designs Team
  Pool Environment Team
  Jason Osterberger Designs Team
  Claudine Roberts Design Team
Outdoor Living over $75,000 Neil Kelly Company Regional
Residential Exterior
Residential Exterior Gallagher Remodeling, Inc.  
Residential Exterior Jon Mandel Contracting Regional
Residential Exterior The Porch Comp Regional
Residential Historic Renovation
Residential Historic Renovation Westchester Real Homes
Residential Historic Renovation Advance Design Studio Regional
Residential Historic Renovation Scott Wilson Architect, LLC Regional
Residential Historic Renovation Jackson Design & Remodeling Regional
Residential Insurance Restoration
Residential Insurance Restoration Davitt Design Build
Residential Insurance Restoration AMEK Custom Builders Regional
Residential Insurance Restoration A&I Incorporated Regional
Residential Insurance Restoration Kowalski Construction, Inc. Regional
Residential Interior
Residential Interior under $150,000 Sun Design Remodeling Specialists
Residential Interior under $150,000 LaMantia Design & Construction Regional
Residential Interior under $150,000 Baxter Construction Regional
  Tobias Design LLC Team
Residential Interior $150K - $300K Pathway Design & Construction
Residential Interior $150K - $300K ALH Home Renovations Regional
Residential Interior $150K - $300K Baxter Construction Regional
Residential Interior $150K - $300K Michael Nash Design Build & Homes Regional
Residential Interior over $300,000 Adams + Beasley Associates
  Pauli & Uribe Architects Team
Residential Interior over $300,000 MA Peterson Regional
Residential Interior over $300,000 Red Level Renovations LLC Regional
Residential Specialty Item
Residential Specialty Under $50,000 Amiano & Son Construction           
Residential Specialty Under $50,000 Handyman Connection Regional
Residential Specialty Under $50,000 Harwick Homes Regional
Residential Specialty Under $50,000 Chermak Construction Inc. Regional
Residential Specialty Over $50,000 Rusk Renovations
  plainspace Architecture and Design dpc Team
Residential Specialty Over $50,000 Buckeye Basements, Inc. Regional
Residential Specialty Over $50,000 Sun Design Remodeling Specialists Inc Regional
Residential Specialty Over $50,000 Hanson Carlen Construction Regional
Residential Universal Design
Residential Universal Design ONE eleven Ltd.
Residential Universal Design Corinthian Construction Regional
Residential Universal Design Legal Eagle Contractors


Whole House Remodel
Whole House Remodel
under $300,000
Apex Contracting & Remodeling Solutions
Whole House Remodel
under $300,000
Redstart Construction Inc. Regional
Whole House Remodel
under $300,000
Kitchen and Bath Design Studio Regional
Whole House Remodel
under $300,000
Jackson & LeRoy Remodeling Regional
  AMB Design Team
Whole House Remodel
$300K - $700K
Jackson Design & Remodeling
Whole House Remodel
$300K - $700K
Highmark Builders Regional
Whole House Remodel
$300K - $700K
Red House Custom Building Regional
Whole House Remodel
$300K - $700K
DMG Design + Build Regional
Whole House Remodel
Over $700,000
Poole & Poole Architecture
Whole House Remodel
Over $700,000
Revolution Design and Build Regional
Whole House Remodel
Over $700,000
Landis Construction Corporation Regional
Whole House Remodel
Over $700,000
Lewis Builders Regional

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